Moving Forward

We can fall for words but actions determine it all. 


In all honesty. 

Whenever I speak to someone explaining about God or His Religion or His Prophet and what He wants me to do and understand, a voice at the back of my head says this to me:
“You needed to hear that more than the person you’re reminding. ”
Every single time.

It feels so bizarre yet so comforting.

And the best part is, it helped me cope. 

What’s in my Osprey?

It’s Saturday night and I got a bag full of stories! 

So, what’s in my Osprey? 


1. Quran. THE Ultimate Companion. Palm-sized 
 . A gift from my student.

2. Suunto compass. For reading the Qiblah. Never again will I trust a bipolared qiblah app from Apple Store that points me to pray in the direction of Pyong Yang or Tehran. 😑 But then again you would still need your phone and the internet to know the bearings for Makkah from where you’re at.  Anywho, I got this from uni days and this baby costs 200 bucks a pop. You need to be a trekker/sailor/geologist/youtube DIY enthusiast to know how to use this. For a cheaper option, you might just want to consider the ones the small compass with a  tiny Ka’bah pointer from Mydin. Works just fine. 😉

3. iPhone. (Not in picture. Duh.) Anywho, I have a history of leaving my phones in public places. I once left this phone at a hospital. Alhamdulillah for honest samaritans!

4. 1-year-old Purse. Mama said get a really good leather purse and use it for 40 years. Challenge accepted. 

5. Banana. It’s either that or a ziplock full of dates. Hey, beats my friend who has telur rebus (hardboiled egg) in her Coach. Hahahah.

6. A watch. A mini reward from my first paycheck. I didn’t know the watch was of a good brand. I bought it cause they had this buy 1 free 1 deal and I didn’t wanna go for Fossil (lol don’t hate). Anyway, my jaw dropped when I found out how expensive it was here in KL! I bought this watch at 1/3 the price plus a free apparently-designer watch. Seriously, KL people are rich. Don’t know how they manage to endlessly shop and afford all these expensive stuff. Haaaai Ya Kareem, I should consider moving out of KL.

7. Fitbit! This arm candy reminds me of how Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallaam walked. It was an annual gift from my company. So far it’s helped me track my 10k steps a day. Alhamdulillah. KL people should youtube how Londoners and Hong Kongers walk. Seriously, don’t stroll. 

8. A commute-friendly book. Appropriately positioning oneself with a book in one arm and holding a rail with another in a tightly squeezed space is one fine art I have mastered during my daily commute. Seriously, KL people should read more.AND,  I am seriously considering a Kindle. Shaykh Isam would be so proud that I’m starting to actually finish reading the books I religiously hoard. (Don’t they have like a fancy name for book hoarders? Bibliophile or something?). 😚

9. Hello Kitty Moleskin. I wrote my will in there. In case they found me dead with none of my family member in close proximity,they can refer to the in-case-i-die-in-front-of-you care-instructions I have prepared.  People, if you haven’t written your will please do so and work out your inheritance too. If you’re muslim, and you havent worked that out your should do it after you read this blog. If you’re a non muslim, I kindly suggest you read up on Islam and inheritance. It’s a pretty cool subject. Crisply precise and specific. And of course, I will say this unapologetically, all non muslims should get educated on what Islam really is. If you think you know enough about Islam just because you  have muslim friends, believe me you don’t. Anywho, preacher mode off. Let’s keep it rolling.

10. A small pouch to keep my girly-stuff. You know, floss, you-know-what and umm my blood donation book.  Which reminds me, I haven’t done that in a while. People, donate blood. It’s very beneficial to your health and to your community. 

11. Eos lipbalm which I rarely use but I still keep it in my bag becauze if I leave it in my room my nephew with use it to draw imaginary Pokemons on my bedroom wall.

12. That Osprey messenger bag was also a giftpack from an oil and gas conference I attended a couple of years ago. A generous gift from sponsors whom at that time had no problem being lavish patrons as the oil price was at a good $140/barrel back then. Let’s see if they’re still generous this year now that it’s $50/barrel 😅. Anyway, this bag have had a much bigger purpose than just being some free gift I got at a conference. It had served the purpose carrying my brother’s baby stuff like his sons’ diapers and formula. It has also helped transport my Shaykha’s Macbook from Machines back to her. It certainly has been useful for many other stuff. Alhamdulillah. 

Anywho, I don’t mean to waste your time reading this but I hope as muslims,  we keep in our handbags and manpurses (lol) what is important and what is going to help us get through the day and the here after. There’s always a purpose in everything we have and everything we do. May Allah reward us for every reason and every action. Ameen.

Till then, take care! 

P/s: I have no intention of being artistic by putting the picture upside down. Lolz. I just don’t know how to  rotate picture. 


Gratitude Journal #1


Last night, Papa led Maghrib prayer, willingly. Abang, his wife and his two step kids too joined the jama’ah. 

We then sat for an hour to read Quran together. For the first time.

It felt so surreal. 

I’ve taught many people from all across the globe and the one dream that I had was to teach my own family. Even if it’s just one letter. Ya Raheem, you know how much this meant to me.  

Ya Rahman, Ya Kareem you have been so generous to me last night. All Praise , Thanks and Love be to you. 

 I am so so proud of Papa and Abang’s family.  I am so grateful to Allah that he answered the du’a that I’ve been making for the past 4 years. 

I don’t know if there’s ever gonna be a second time and I pray there will be. For now I am just going to be content and thankful for what Allah has granted me last night.

Du’a and Trust are amazingly important to every believer. 

Ya Rahman, 

Today I am grateful for the understanding that every success takes trust, effort and constancy. It’s the best kind of success.



Imaam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullaah) said:

“Not everyone adorned with knowledge and wisdom and is portrayed with it is from its people; rather the people of knowledge and wisdom are those who give life to their hearts by killing the desires. As for the one who kills his heart and thus gives life to desires, then knowledge and wisdom are (merely) on his tongue (i.e. not acting upon such knowledge and wisdom).”


[Al-Fawaa-id: page:154]

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The Forest and The Trees

Ya Rahman,

Here I am worried about my troubles when another plane has gone missing.

Ya Rahman,

Here I am being concerned of what awaits me next year when places upon places are being flooded and snowed under.

Ya Rahman,

Here I am impatient over minute pains that I have to endure when I am informed with a tragic news that Aunty’s daughter had just returned to Allah during labour.

Ya Allah, 

You enable us to move and You promise that if we do You’d come running, and each time, I hesitated making that first move. 

I am sorry. 

Ya Allah,

I  am sorry. For falling short.

Ya Allah, 

I am sorry, for not keeping my eyes on on The Prize.

Ya Allah,

Keep me going.

 Don’t make lose sight of my path to You.


A homonym.

It can be an event . (but let’s save that for later.)

Let’s define it to mean color.

A singular color. Derived from a singular believer named Adam. 

“There is only one race in this world. That is the HUMAN race,” said Shaykh Bilal Phillips.

“A Dane, whiter than white who is of O negative blood type is in dire need of a blood transfusion. His family, all white or whiter than white cannot save him as they don’t share his blood type.

Somewhere across the world, an Indian man, blacker than black, has an O negative blood type too. Would he knew that the Dane needed a transfusion, he could have saved his life. 

Now tell me, who is closer to the Dane in nature, in all his being. His whiter than white family members? Or that blacker than black Indian man? 

There is only one race. The human race.”


Quran 49:13 

Sahih International: O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.




I can’t enumerate how many verses in the Quran there are on how and why Allah has constantly reassured us .

Many times He puts hope in the Patient,

Many time He comforted the Depressed,

Many times He soothed the One Undergoing Hardship,

Many times He promised for what is to come,

Many times He guides the Ones Who are Lost,

Many times He told us that He is Near, even when we make ourselves distant from Him.

Yaa Rahmaan. How Merciful you have been to us.


As human being we were created as slaves. We were created to please and serve. That need to please and serve is innate in us. It’s what reassured us on what purpose we were created for.

As a woman, I need that constant assurance: of being loved, of being supported, of being heard, of being paid attention to, of being certain.

As a person, we crave for  validation as  again it comes from the fact that we need to be reassured that we are thinking and doing the right things.

As a muslim, reassuring my Ummah is my responsibility and yours. Islam is a community-based religion. Yes, every muslim is a stranger or a traveller but you see,  to Jannah , there are many paths and on those paths I as a traveller will always be blessed to meet other travellers and strangers. Together we form ourselves a group of travellers, a community of strangers and best of all, Allah decreed that we become brothers and sisters in Islam.

As a human being, reassuring the people around us is what makes us function.


Supporting each other until now has never been so dire. We don’t need the Sydney Seige, the Peshawar attack, the Boston Bombing or the Haiti Earthquake to be the reason of reassuring each other that we are here for each other. We simply need to support and reassure simply because we are human.


I pray that all of us treat anyone and everyone as we wish to be treated. That’s how we reassure the people , that’s how we reassure ourselves of how much we are putting our love into actions towards our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and towards his Ummah.


Till then,

Keep walking towards Ar-Rahman.







Who is God?

“Tell me who God is to you.” asked Shaykh Isam in Aqeedah Class a couple of weeks ago.

15 lines to describe who Allah is to me.

15 complete sentences to tell a person who might not be interested in Islam and what was said in its Holy Book , who God really is to me.

In His Name, the Most Gracious Most Merciful , these are my 15 lines:

He is The Most Loving Master to His Slaves. 

The Only Master who is never short of Mercy.

He is the Originator and the Creator. Our Creator.

He is my most unjudgemental Friend who lets me unload and listens attentively to my hopes and worries.

He is my Teacher who doesn’t just teach but He guides and protects me while He lets me explore and make mistakes. 

He is my Support, my Crutch, my Rock.

He is my Enabler, Sustainer and Provider.

He is deserving of my respect and my humility.

He is patient with me when I ignored His presence and fall short of my duties as His Slave.

He makes me curious, brave and optimistic.

He is my constant reminder and wake up call.

He makes me think. He makes me move.

He taught me how love and sacrifice should intertwine.

He is Allah, Our God.

None is worthy of worship except Him.