🍃🌸”The story of Musa (alayhi salaam) is the most recounted story of a Prophet in the Qur’an. In it are countless lessons for those who ponder.
One of the greatest being that of miracles…
It is no simple feat to stand before a sea, with a merciless army raging behind you, and the poorest and weakest of people by your side questioning your next move with a hysteria that only those on the brink of death ever experience. To have nowhere to turn, to know that every second is bringing the enemy closer and to realise that you have completely run out of options… and still, in the depths of impossibility, to have firm trust. 
Trust in Allah, the Supreme Master and the Lord of the heavens and earth; the One in control of everything.
🍃Musa raised his hands to Allah and Allah responded. He made the impossible possible. He parted the sea.
🌱 Do not look at the great impossibility of a situation, rather look at the greatness of the One who created possibility and controls every situation. 
Learn from Musa.

Trust Allah.



by shaikh Sajid Umar



A white canvas will know no red,until it is smeared with red paint.
As much as I want you to know,

As much as I myself need to know,

we can only push ourselves so much.

We all need to experience things ourselves

to understand things.

Growth is a powerful thing.

It needs a soul, a path, for a journey worth remembering.