Dawood & Jaloot

“Have you ever been a David?

Who was your Goliath?

Was Goliath your beloved?

Or a mere demon who lives inside you?

Was he too good too giant of an enemy to slay?

Were you hesitant?

Did you tell him your reason for killing him?

Did you manage to find closure?

Were you filled with contentment?”


Common Ground

Often we try to match our stories with reality. Stories that fit our reality. A lot of us intuitively think of opposite extremes. That things can only be either or. 

Either this OR that.

Nothing in between. 

“It’s either you’re with me, OR, against me.”

Most of us forget the scale of things. We forget that things can be this AND that.

Or somewhere in between.

The Sunnah of Allah involves gradualism and processes.Of course, things can change drastically. Things can shut off and on.

Alas, what we usually don’t see is the silent gradual process that takes place before the trigger. 

And the Prophet too cried.

“The eyes are filled with tears,

The heart feels pain,

But the lips only utter what pleases the Lord.”

Peace and blessings be upon him.

My love,

Unhappiness is easy.

Happiness, on the contrary,

needs to be worked for.

So my dear shattered hearts,

May you be pleased with what Ar-Ra’uf, The Most Kind, have given you.

May you be those who endured a little more.

For only a little more remains.

*disclaimer: Some words are taken from the speech of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallaam and some are from the righteous predecessor. May The Lord of The Heavens and The Earth be have mercy upon his soul. 


   “Today’s one of those days where I want to dismiss everybody, pack my bags and crank dinosaur-sausage in Alaska with the Polar bears.

But I don’t have a mahram.

So okay,

I will take it like a man.” 

Said Umm Ahmad to me . She is struggling to deal with people gracefully like a double-identitied noble Queen slash humble slave girl.

P/s: Forbearance is taking patience to a different level. Umm Ahmad, your rewards is with Allah.