Gratitude Journal #1


Last night, Papa led Maghrib prayer, willingly. Abang, his wife and his two step kids too joined the jama’ah. 

We then sat for an hour to read Quran together. For the first time.

It felt so surreal. 

I’ve taught many people from all across the globe and the one dream that I had was to teach my own family. Even if it’s just one letter. Ya Raheem, you know how much this meant to me.  

Ya Rahman, Ya Kareem you have been so generous to me last night. All Praise , Thanks and Love be to you. 

 I am so so proud of Papa and Abang’s family.  I am so grateful to Allah that he answered the du’a that I’ve been making for the past 4 years. 

I don’t know if there’s ever gonna be a second time and I pray there will be. For now I am just going to be content and thankful for what Allah has granted me last night.

Du’a and Trust are amazingly important to every believer. 

Ya Rahman, 

Today I am grateful for the understanding that every success takes trust, effort and constancy. It’s the best kind of success.


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