I can’t enumerate how many verses in the Quran there are on how and why Allah has constantly reassured us .

Many times He puts hope in the Patient,

Many time He comforted the Depressed,

Many times He soothed the One Undergoing Hardship,

Many times He promised for what is to come,

Many times He guides the Ones Who are Lost,

Many times He told us that He is Near, even when we make ourselves distant from Him.

Yaa Rahmaan. How Merciful you have been to us.


As human being we were created as slaves. We were created to please and serve. That need to please and serve is innate in us. It’s what reassured us on what purpose we were created for.

As a woman, I need that constant assurance: of being loved, of being supported, of being heard, of being paid attention to, of being certain.

As a person, we crave for  validation as  again it comes from the fact that we need to be reassured that we are thinking and doing the right things.

As a muslim, reassuring my Ummah is my responsibility and yours. Islam is a community-based religion. Yes, every muslim is a stranger or a traveller but you see,  to Jannah , there are many paths and on those paths I as a traveller will always be blessed to meet other travellers and strangers. Together we form ourselves a group of travellers, a community of strangers and best of all, Allah decreed that we become brothers and sisters in Islam.

As a human being, reassuring the people around us is what makes us function.


Supporting each other until now has never been so dire. We don’t need the Sydney Seige, the Peshawar attack, the Boston Bombing or the Haiti Earthquake to be the reason of reassuring each other that we are here for each other. We simply need to support and reassure simply because we are human.


I pray that all of us treat anyone and everyone as we wish to be treated. That’s how we reassure the people , that’s how we reassure ourselves of how much we are putting our love into actions towards our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and towards his Ummah.


Till then,

Keep walking towards Ar-Rahman.








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