Who is God?

“Tell me who God is to you.” asked Shaykh Isam in Aqeedah Class a couple of weeks ago.

15 lines to describe who Allah is to me.

15 complete sentences to tell a person who might not be interested in Islam and what was said in its Holy Book , who God really is to me.

In His Name, the Most Gracious Most Merciful , these are my 15 lines:

He is The Most Loving Master to His Slaves. 

The Only Master who is never short of Mercy.

He is the Originator and the Creator. Our Creator.

He is my most unjudgemental Friend who lets me unload and listens attentively to my hopes and worries.

He is my Teacher who doesn’t just teach but He guides and protects me while He lets me explore and make mistakes. 

He is my Support, my Crutch, my Rock.

He is my Enabler, Sustainer and Provider.

He is deserving of my respect and my humility.

He is patient with me when I ignored His presence and fall short of my duties as His Slave.

He makes me curious, brave and optimistic.

He is my constant reminder and wake up call.

He makes me think. He makes me move.

He taught me how love and sacrifice should intertwine.

He is Allah, Our God.

None is worthy of worship except Him.


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